Service provision agreement

By accepting and clicking the acceptance box ("I have read and accept the Service Provision Agreement"), this Service Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between Verizia, LLC ("The Company") and myself, being a legally binding agreement between Verizia and myself. By giving my consent, I declare and guarantee that I have read, understood and expressly accepted to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.


1 "The Company" refers to Verizia, an LLC company.
2 "I" shall refer, without limitation, to a person, program, operating system, end user, entity, electronic agent or system consenting to and entering into this Agreement.
3 "Accept" will mean checking the acceptance box found on the application page of the website, indicating acceptance of this Agreement.
4 "Agreement" is this Verizia Service Agreement.

By accepting this Agreement, I agree to the following:

I. Relation
1. I hereby confirm that I am an independent professional and that I will act as such in every job I do for The Company. I also understand that I am NOT an employee of The Company.
2. I am responsible for all products and services that I or the Company I represent provide.
3. I confirm that I have all the necessary elements, tax forms, personal cards and any requirements to perform under this form of work.
4. Under this type of work, I accept that I will NOT be included in any of the insurance policies of The Company, which includes without limitation disability, paid vacations, family charges, sick pay, unemployment insurance, among others.
5. The Company may terminate my services at any time without cause and without any obligation other than the payment of fees for services rendered to The Company prior to the termination date.
6. By rendering services to The Company, I confirm that I am not in breach of any agreement that I have with a third party.
7. After accepting the job, I will no longer question or negotiate the terms of payment or the rate or request any advance that has not been previously agreed.
8. I understand that The Company will make payments through deposit or bank transfer or PayPal. It will be my responsibility to provide the Company with correct information about the account data, the bank and other related issues.
9. I will notify The Company immediately if personal data such as email, address, postal code, telephone and bank account, among others, are modified.

II. Services and Grievances Policy
1. I agree to provide services in accordance with The Company's instructions, to complete all work that I have previously accepted, and to have my work reviewed, either by The Company or a third party.
2. I understand that when accepting a project, I will take all possible steps to ensure that the work carried out is delivered within the agreed deadline. In the event that the work is not delivered on time, The Company has every right to reduce the agreed payment by 5% per day of delay until reaching a maximum of 100%. If I cannot deliver the work on time, I will inform The Company immediately in writing.
3. I understand that the delivery period may be extended only under exceptional circumstances and if previously agreed in writing with The Company.
4. If it is determined that I have submitted work that is incomplete or substandard, The Company has the right to withhold or reduce payment according to the degree of inaccuracy without prior notice. If there is evidence that the work performed is below standard quality, The Company has the right to terminate the signed agreement.
5. I understand that during the time I perform the work, I must report to a representative of The Company and send reports of my services if requested.
6. I will send all accepted work (fully completed) at the time specified by The Company, on the day agreed for delivery and by email to the representative of The Company.
7. When working with a computer, I will keep a hard copy of my work while it is being performed and keep backup copies on another computer, CD, or memory device to prevent loss of work performed. I will also keep a backup copy of the completed work for a period of 15 days after it has been submitted. In any case, I will be responsible for the loss of work, whether due to negligence on my part, power outage, computer virus, theft or loss of my computer or any technical problem.
8. In the event that The Company authorizes me to contact the client to discuss any aspect of the work to be carried out, I will not initiate or have any conversation about rates, payments or remuneration with the client. If the client initiates such a conversation, I will explain to him that I cannot discuss that subject with him and will refer him to The Company. I understand that misappropriating clients will lead to civil actions and the immediate cancellation of my contract with The Company.

III. Confidentiality and Ownership of Information
1. The Company considers confidentiality a fundamental requirement in all aspects of its operations. I promise not to disclose the rates of my services with representatives of other companies that are not The Company.
2. I understand that in rendering my services, I will be exposed to and have access to sensitive and confidential topics and materials. I undertake to keep strictly confidential all documents and materials sent to me during the time of cooperation with The Company, whether directly or indirectly. I promise that during or at any time after the execution of this Agreement, I will not use or disclose in any way any confidential information sent to me by The Company.
3. I agree that all information sent to me by The Company is the property of The Company and that it is against corporate policy and a violation of this agreement to attempt to contact, directly, any client, to whom I have been referred by The Company, without consent. prior to the Company's management.
4. I agree not to induce or attempt to directly or indirectly influence any employee or contractor of The Company to terminate their employment relationship or association with The Company.
5. In the event that any document and / or any other type of materials that I have prepared as a result of the performance of my services for The Company, which includes material subject to copyright protection, such materials have been specially assigned by The Company and will be considered as contract jobs. Including, any material that is not categorized as contract work in accordance with applicable law, and even items that are subject to copyright, patent, trade secret, or other proprietary rights protection, I hereby assign to The Company all right and title to the materials as well as any interest in them. Even if I have any rights over it, I hereby waive all application of such rights.
6. I understand that failure to comply with this confidentiality agreement will result in disciplinary action, which may include legal action. In the event that I witness an employee or other contractor speaking about confidential material, I will report this situation to the manager or director of The Company.

IV. Miscellaneous Provisions
1. In the event of a dispute, this Agreement will be governed by, applied, and construed under the laws of the United States. Both parties agree to submit to binding arbitration. Legal costs will be paid as determined by the mediator.
2. This Agreement will be valid for 2 years after the last time you have rendered your services to The Company..
3. The Company has no obligation to offer me projects or jobs with special characteristics and I have no obligation to accept projects or jobs with special characteristics.
4. This Agreement can only be modified in writing.

This Agreement will enter into force:
- from the date it is signed and / or
- when it is accepted by completing the Agreement Form sent by The Company at the time of making the job offer and by sending it to The Company and / or
- when the CV is sent to email boxes of The Company or during the application process.