A company for companies

Verizia is a translation agency dedicated to providing genuine language solutions for companies to help them connect with the world.
Our world-class service fulfills the needs of international and large-scale companies seeking to establish a closer bond with their customers.

We handle everything from translation to design in order to provide you with a comprehensive service.

As a company, our global vision is to empower each company so that they can communicate effectively with their customers everywhere in the world and in any language.

What separates us from the rest?

Guaranteed quality

Verizia is synonymous with excellence. Our Quality Assurance Department enforces standardized procedures in their undertaking to offer a service pursuant to the international quality standards with the most widespread validation in the translation industry. Verizia offers a service that is 100% guaranteed.

Dedicated customer service

From the moment customers contact Verizia, we accompany them to address every inquiry and to provide the best-possible solution to fit their individual needs. Once a project is confirmed, a Project Manager (PM) will report daily on the progress of the work until it is delivered, after which we even provide a guarantee period. Our support service covers you from start to finish!

Authentic flexibility

Verizia is able to adapt to the customer and provide real solutions. We can conform to the volume of work, delivery schedule, and tools for work. Your needs come first.

Verizia figures

Boletines técnicos
+ 10 millions

words translated per year

Plataformas de e-learning
+ 800

professional translators

Manuales de usuario de sistemas operativos
+ 35


Manuales de uso
+ 10

years in the market

Intranets y sitios web
+ 13 millions

layout pages per year

10 years serving as trusted partners for thousands of companies around the world

Verizia was founded in 2010 under the name Latam Translations with the main focus of providing translation services into Spanish. Over the years, the company expanded services and conquered new markets. This new reality required changing the name to reflect our modern qualities and the international growth of the company.

Verizia has become a trusted partner for international companies that aim to capture new markets with their products or services. We contribute to effective communication in a wide spectrum of industries: automotive; media and entertainment; fashion and beauty; oil and gas; manufacturing and industrial; medicine and pharmacology; legal; technology; tourism and hospitality; etc.

The need to connect two geographical positions for commercial purposes has increased year over year. Consequently, the demand for translation services has also grown. Verizia has a team of professionals and the expertise required to guarantee that you have a successful landing on new markets.

Our vision

To connect companies to international markets and customers through adapted language solutions.

Our mission

To empower companies by breaking linguistic and cultural barriers using our expertise and tailor-made solutions.

Our values


We rely on a team of professionals from different cultural backgrounds, located in different parts of the world, who are specifically chosen for their skills and ability to understand the impact of our work.


Our team can adapt to the needs of our corporate clients because we understand the urgency of being the first to get there.


We always want to achieve more and that enables us to grow and improve every day. We love a challenge and will team up with you to help tackle and overcome your challenges with our solutions.


We celebrate the diversity of people and cultures because we revel in a world where there is room for everyone.