Every industry and organization has preferences about how words should be translated. This is part of the style and even the culture of each company. At Verizia, we are mindful of each customer’s distinctiveness as we translate.

That’s why we create glossaries unique to each organization and constantly update them with each new project.

Terminology management is a powerful tool that saves time, energy, and money, especially when used in conjunction with translation memories (a database that stores all the sentences translated) and CAT tools. In short, the essence of terminology management is the creation and updating of “termbases”, databases containing lists of industry-specific or company-specific abbreviations, acronyms, synonyms, and definitions of terms in both the source and target languages with the aim of standardizing the business message.

The most obvious benefit is the consistency of terminology across translations into any given language. A carefully built and regularly updated termbase is an additional way to ensure that your business message will remain the same on different markets. A company-approved, well-defined termbase will save translators and proofreaders a lot of time and help speed up the project.

Termbases and glossaries mean less stress for everyone and smoother workflow, and they inevitably result in fewer working hours or new words to pay for.