Verizia has a team of more than 500 native translators specializing in translation for marketing, telecommunications, engineering, and tourism, as well as technical, scientific, legal, medical, and business texts, among others.

For a polished final product, the text is edited by a native translator specializing in that specific field of translation. The editor scrupulously reviews the translation and works to make the ideas flow naturally and easily.

With many years of experience, we offer translated content into a wide range of varieties of languages that is ready to use, without delays. Our clients choose us for “our unique ability to produce exactly what is asked for, regardless of the level of difficulty“.

We have a team of translators and reviewers who work together to deliver excellent results. The texts are translated, edited and reviewed by a team of professional translators with experience in the subject field. Our quality assurance team supervises all of our projects following our internal QA procedures to ensure not only our services are up to international standards but also, and more importantly, to our client’s satisfaction.