A translation may be longer or shorter than the original, depending on the language, so a document can end up looking a bit sloppy. Our desktop publishing team makes sure the format of the translation matches the original as closely as possible. DTP experts focus on aspects such as tables, charts, diagrams and fonts, among others.

If you need to translate a PDF, booklet, manual, or any other type of document to a set standard that preserves your message across all markets, our DTP Services are for you.

Typesetting is central to our desktop publishing services, and it’s ideal when translating content into new languages that demand the use of appropriate fonts and foreign alphabets. Texts expand during translation, and specific fonts do not always share universal characteristics that make them suitable for foreign languages. For that reason, typesetting services are used to ensure that the visual representation of your content and the use of fonts is correct across multiple languages.

In sum, your documents will be just as effective in German as they are in Chinese!