Premium Service ($ 0.10 per word)

Translation + edition + proofreading:
With the Verizia seal,
this service is developed for demanding
customers looking for results with a
high standard of quality.

This is the most complete service we offered. This is a four-step process:

Translation: A professional translator or an expert team work
on the content in order to express the text in the new language.

Edition: A second professional translator or a second expert team
review the job done by the first translator or the first expert team and
make the necessary changes regarding grammar, spelling, expressions, terminology and punctuation.

Proofreading: A third professional translator reviews the text delivered by the editor and checks the overall text to see if it sounds natural and
if all the linguistic choices are appropriate for the field.

QA Department: Our team of professionals reviews the text to see
if it meets the client instructions and if it is within the quality level of Verizia.