What is the best thing to do with a document that needs translation? Who can you contact at the last minute? How can I have this translated fast and easily? You probably ask yourself these questions when you have a document for translation that came out of the blue in the middle of a busy day. The good news is that you will find the answers you need in the lines below.

Finding a translator in a short time may be difficult. Should you find them, would they be able to help you with your document? An agency may be better than one translator. A translation agency not only can provide you with the language service that you need, but also it can give you a multi-language solution in case you need to translate a text into more than one language. An agency would give you a simpler solution because you would not need multiple contacts for the job. By sending the files to an agency, you will receive the translated document in as many languages as necessary.

A translation agency guarantees a dynamic and faster service. You send a file to the agency’s contact with the documents for translation. You request one or more languages. The agency’s team works in the analysis, translation and edition of your files, and you only need to wait for the documents to reach your inbox.

As an agency manages a number of resources, translators and other professionals, the rhythm of work and the time frame for your translation request will be shorter than that of a single translator. For example, a large document translated by an individual would take more time than the same work done by a team of language specialists working alternately.

Another positive aspect of contacting a translation agency is that no matter the format of your files, you will be able to receive the translated text in the language that you need. In many cases, the kind of material you need to translate is in a format that is suitable for your business but it is not very common among other professionals, so if you want the translation in the same format as the original file, you will need to take that into account. Certainly, a translation agency with a wide range of software programs can offer you the translation service that you need in the format that your business requires.

In addition, even texts with simple formatting require edition after the translation is done since the final text often differs in length from the original text. In these cases, it is necessary to work with a DTP team to rearrange the target text. A translation agency can provide you with this service. The agency assigns the final translated version to a graphic designer so that it can have a neat and professional layout similar to the one of the original file.

Then, whenever you have a file that needs translation, be ready to contact an agency and, soon, a group of translators will be working on your material to have it translated into one or more target languages in the format you need. Instead of having one single translator, you will have a group of professionals working on your document to deliver right to your inbox a quality translation neatly presented, in the appropriate format.

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