We translate ideas, not just words

Verizia translates your products and services using a one-of-a-kind method tailored to your needs and requirements.

A solution
for every need

A unique and exclusive work method found only at Verizia
found only at Verizia

A team of experts
for each industry

3 services

tailored to your needs and budget



 Essential Service ($ 0.05 per word)

A service designed for customers who need a fast turnover at a low price.

Our team of human translators is always ready to help you.

This service includes translation of any type of text performed by professional experts + Quality Assurance by our QA Department. The main characteristic of this service is the fast deadline.

So you get a text in the language you require with guaranteed quality and in a short timeline.



Most Popular ($ 0.08 per word)

Translation and editing for customers who need a more comprehensive service.

This is the first-choice service among our clients.

Translation: A translator adapts the content in the target language.

Edition: A second translator reviews the translation checking that it meets the client requirements, checks grammar and reviews every word and expression to see if they are appropriate for the text and field.

QA: Our QA Department reviews the file edited to guarantee quality and check if the text is within client and Verizia standard.



Premium Service ($ 0.10 per word)

Translation + edition + proofreading: With the Verizia seal, this service is developed for demanding customers looking for results with a high standard of quality.

This is the most complete service we offered. This is a four-step process:

Translation: A professional translator or an expert team work on the content in order to express the text in the new language.

Edition: A second professional translator or a second expert team review the job done by the first translator or the first expert team and make the necessary changes regarding grammar, spelling, expressions, terminology and punctuation.

Proofreading: A third professional translator reviews the text delivered by the editor and checks the overall text to see if it sounds natural and if all the linguistic choices are appropriate for the field.

QA Department: Our team of professionals reviews the text to see if it meets the client instructions and if it is within the quality level of Verizia.

Let’s talk about what you need.

Get in touch with us and we will help you choose the best option for you.



“Thank you very much for the speedy translation. The style and accuracy with which they translated my documents were exactly what I expected it to be. Big THANK YOU!”

Alan, Marketing Manager

“Efficient and super professional. I am very impressed with the high quality of translation and editing. Our documents are highly technical. I will surely use your services in the future.”

Michel, Communication Manager

“Cecilia assisted me from the very beginning. She made all possible so that Verizia can adapt to our needs. We really appreciate that! And the results are perfect! I am very impressed at the speed with which they completed the job. I would highly recommend this service to my colleagues.”

James O, Regional Sales Manager

“Verizia provided us with an excellent service from beginning till the end. The translation they delivered to us was of a very high standard, within a short deadline and completed ahead of schedule exceeding our expectations.”

Tiffany, Vendor Manager

“Very professional and true experts in pharmaceutical translation. It is hard to find experts in this field. We are impressed by the superb quality. In fact, we have just stated another job with them. They have become our preferred translation vendor.”

Jonathan, Vice President, Legal Affairs & General Counsel