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We translate ideas, not just words

Verizia has a team of more than 500 native translators specializing in translation for marketing, telecommunications, engineering, and tourism, as well as technical, scientific, legal, medical, and business texts, among others.

For a polished final product, the text is edited by a native translator specializing in that specific field of translation. The editor scrupulously reviews the translation and works to make the ideas flow naturally and easily.


Machine translations with a special touch

Machine translations go through a post-editing process where a native speaker gives the green light to the final text. We offer different levels of post-editing ranging from a lighter, more superficial service to a more comprehensive, in-depth post-editing, depending on the type of text, its complexity and the customer’s needs.


A message for each market, each market with a message

This service is provided by creative translators adept at working with marketing and ad copy. They couch messages in the local style and tone without losing sight of the original concept. Slogans, advertising campaigns, names of products and services and social media strategies are among the content that calls for a creative approach to translation.


In the parlance of each customer

Every industry and organization has preferences about how words should be translated. This is part of the style and even the culture of each company. At Verizia, we are mindful of each customer’s distinctiveness as we translate.

That’s why we create glossaries unique to each organization and constantly update them with each new project.


The precision of the system

A multidisciplinary team made up of project managers, translators, editors, DTP experts and quality control specialists works on each stage of our method, from the moment we receive the customer’s order until we deliver the final translation.

Everyone is focused on a single goal: offering a top product that exceeds expectations.


Go global with your ideas

We work on “what is said” and “what is seen”. Non-verbals add meaning that can’t be overlooked when subtitling a video.

This service requires great attention to details and a strict review process.


Details that make your document look flawless

A translation may be longer or shorter than the original, depending on the language, so a document can end up looking a bit sloppy. Our desktop publishing team makes sure the format of the translation matches the original as closely as possible. DTP experts focus on aspects such as tables, charts, diagrams and fonts, among others.

A unique and exclusive work method found only at Verizia

A team of experts for each industry